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12950 SW Pacific Hwy, Suite 115
Tigard, Oregon 97223


  1. Heather Brookhouse Reply

    Recently, I had the most amazing aroma therapeutic deep tissue massage with Mary. I deal with head to toe chronic pain from a fall that happened 16+ years ago and have re-injured it several times over the years. One would think that after that long the pain would eventually go away. If anything it has gotten worse. My back & neck have been mostly affected from the fall. My job as a photographer requires me to tweak my body in all different kinds of positions to capture that amazing photo as well as sitting endless hours in front of my computer editing pictures. I came to Mary at one of my worst days in hope for something to just take the edge off so I could go back home to edit more pictures. Mary was exactly what I needed. Over the last 16+ years I have had a lot of different types of therapies including massage from some of the best specialists and she ranks with the best. Her style and technique is unique. She used aroma therapy, stretching techniques, deep tissue pressure, ice and heat which for me was the best type of medicine I could get. I’d have to say that after visiting Mary , for a day or two…I was pain free. A day without pain is priceless. :0) Thank you Mary, look forward to seeing you again soon.

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