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Could you use more space in your place? Get organized with Stuff Adjust!

Professional Organizer Amy Swallow honed her organizing skills with over 20 years in the bookkeeping, office management, retail staging and office supplies industries. Working with small business, corporate clients, and individual consumers, she gained expertise in paper management, banking, office procedures, space layout, ergonomics, and tailoring systems to individuals. Amy has been working as a Professional Organizer since 2002.  In 2011 she founded Stuff Adjust, an organizing company that specializes in working with local Portland charities to allocate donations to those who need them most. Amy guides clients through moves, downsizing, rightsizing, estate dispositions, and all the transitions in life, helping them reclaim their peace of mind through organizing.

Amy Swallow

Professional Organizing

503 740 2406


  1. Jeff Welsh Reply

    Packrats, horders beware! Amy is here for you. She can take all that stuff you think you need and bring order once again to your life. She can haul things away so your emotional detachment is much easier. Cool, calm, collected are words that describe her. She will help you move on.

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