Meeting Process

Our entire procedure is built on the idea that all things being equal, we will not share leads until we know, like and trust one another.

Our relationships building meeting process is simple.

  • We meet over a meal
  • We enjoy our time together
  • We talk “with” one another
  • No Slips of Paper passed.
  • No pre-ordained “leader” who does all the talking


Just pure business networking (in a structured sense) and long-lasting relationship building.


The Secret Sauce

Organizations need a purpose that draws people together.  In the end, the success of failure of a non-profit organization hinges on the ability for “everyone” to recruit new members.

Leads groups exist to generate leads.  It is impossible to produce quality leads week after week.

Business Relationship groups exist to generate relationships.  We can always do more to strengthen old relationships and build new ones.


Why a Meal?

You do not have to eat, but we meet at restaurants and they give us the room for free: so at the very least, please tip them well!

When we started we had several, well…hem, shall we say, “large” men in the group.  We met at Bob’s Red Mill on Thursday mornings and things were kind of rough.  One of these ‘bigger’ men, suggested they would be a lot happier if we met over a meal–after all he was always happier just before, during, and after a good meal.

We moved to the Monarch Hotel and the food drew people to us.  Actually, we noticed people laughed a bit more and through the laughter strong relationships were being built at an incredible rate.