BRIDGES Business Networking

  • Building
  • Relationships
  • Involving
  • Development
  • Growth
  • Expansion and
  • Support
  • No annual dues!
  • Only one person per profession.
  • No passing slips of paper.
  • LOTS of business growing relationships.
  • What Makes Us Different?




business-peopleWe believe business relationships built of friendships lead to more referrals.

Members of BRIDGES help one another while helping their own business by getting involved with active entrepreneurs in a non-competitive networking environment.

BRIDGES is a growing organization with three clubs currently located throughout the Portland Metro area.  Join us today and watch your business grow!

The purpose for the attending a BRIDGES meeting is to expand your relationship with other business owners in the Portland Metro Area. We spend time getting to know the needs and wants of the ideal customers for the “other” members in the group. Armed with a clear understanding of all businesses represented in the group along with a strong relationship we are able to refer high quality leads.

Joining a business network is not a new business strategy, but where other groups pass slips of paper, we spend our time getting to know each other. As a result, our meetings are kept short and focused – this allows more time for one-on-one networking.